CBD OIL Got My Ebay Account Suspended LEGAL?

Don't Sell CBD On Ebay!

What is up resale sharks!? I made another mistake on ebay so that you can learn from me, and avoid making the same errors. When selling on ebay it is crucial to keep up with current trends and happenings in society. This stands for clothing trends but also any high demand product trends. A hot new item I keep hearing of people using is something called CBD oil. It gets a bad rap because it is a hemp product however the CBD oil itself only contains trace amounts of THC and are non-psychoactive. Food and beverage products are being infused with the oil and it is even being sold to anyone over the age of 21 in stores! People are finding the product to help with pain relief, using it as an anti-inflammatory as well as anti-anxiety.

Being that it is popular right now I looked on ebay to see if anyone was selling/ buying the product. There were recently sold items listed so I figured since I had this wholesale lot of miscellaneou…

How To Ship On Ebay For Beginners

How To Ship On Ebay For Beginners
Shipping on ebay is a fairly simple part of the process. The ebay site has all kinds of help and tools to make this a smooth transaction. Once you have made a sale it is time to ship the item to the buyer. The seller hub on the pc version of the ebay website is a place you will want to get familiar with as you start making frequent sales. You will want to have a few tools handy when shipping an item. My most used items are poly mailers, my printer, shipping labels, an electronic scale and sometimes tape.
As you have seen in my previous videos, I put the bin number of where an item is located in the title. This makes it easier for me when I am doing the shipping as they are listed in the seller hub by title. When I am listing I pre-package all my items so they are ready for a label and out they go. Once I locate all of the sold items I go through the seller hub to print the shipping labels. I have a small electronic scale plugged into my computer whic…

How To Store Ebay Clothing Inventory

Best Way To Store Clothing For Online Sales

Starting out as a reseller I was not organized, I didn’t have any idea where to start, I just knew I wanted to be my own boss and I’d figure it out along the way. I learn things the long-cut, meaning I typically do them wrong and learn in the reverse. Storage and organization are two areas I should have researched more as it would have saved me a lot of time, angst, and grief. Like all other areas of entrepreneurship and business ownership, look at several business models and figure out what style will work best for you. My organization has come a long way since starting my business and I know it’s an area I can still work on and grow for my future.
Some of the supplies I use for storage currently are clear, plastic tubs. I typically have between 700 and 1000 items in my inventory and working from home means storing at home so I try to keep things as neat and compact as possible. As you may have seen in my videos, after I draft my listings I…

How To List Item For eBay: Clothing Edition

How To List An Item On eBay

The best way to make money on ebay is by listing the items you have! There is a term in the resell world, ‘death piles’ which is a pile of clothing or items which are taking up space, waiting to be listed, waiting to make you money! We are going to talk about my process of listing items and like everything else, these techniques work for me however you should find your own groove and find out what works best for you.I work simultaneously on the computer and my phone to post listings and make them active. Some tools you may want handy when listing are a measuring tape, a white board, a sharpie, and poly mailers. As soon as I have a listing saved as a draft and ready for pictures, I package and seal it into a poly-mailer, I write the title or description of the item on the outside so once it is sold I am able to find it quickly, stick on a label and send it out. I started doing this to save some space in my inventory storage and to stay organized, before I ha…

The Successful Reseller Mindset

Thinking Is The Most Important Part Of Any Business

I left 2 full time jobs to become a full time reseller, this gives me the ability to be my own boss, make my own schedule, and be a full time dad. What I didn’t realize when first starting out was the mindset shift I would need to have happen in order to be fully successful in this industry. Success is just an outside layer of what people see, a lot of times they outside world doesn’t see all that it took to get there. A lot of personal growth had to take place to obtain the self discipline it takes to stay on track and run a full time reselling business.
Having the right mindset is the most important part about being an entrepreneur, the way you think about things is going to determine what you have and who you are. Being a business owner it is not smart to make emotion based decisions you need to have consistency and an eagerness to learn. A huge issue for myself and many others was patience, this was a trait that I had to learn a…

Take Photographs Like A Professional For Ebay Listings: Clothing

How To Take Amazing Flat Lay Photos Of Clothes EBAY

One of the most crucial pieces to a reselling puzzle are the pictures! Ebay gives you 12 slots for photos per item; this is your chance to put as much detail out there for a buyer to see before they receive it in person. Every reseller has a different way they like to do pictures and like all other tips I give, I suggest you find out what works for you and do that. This part of the process can be a little time consuming so finding a system and working it can help make it flow. My personal preference for pictures is a style called “flat-lay” where you flatly lay your item of clothing on a back drop on the floor and snap the pictures.
When I am doing pictures, I like to work on a fold out gym mat, the process ends up being a lot of squatting, kneeling and standing so the mat helps for comfort, it also give you a nice flat background. On top of that I lay out a piece of fabric as my back drop, you can go to a Walmart or craft and fabric…

In Depth At The Goodwill Bins: How To Source


The goodwill outlets AKA the bins can be a little overwhelming for someone who has never been. As a reseller I go frequently and in the beginning I noticed that there were other frequent flyers and they knew exactly where to go and where to be at the right times. If you are newer look for the people with veteran skills and maybe shadow them. Take note, the bins can be a little intense, there is not always personal space it can have a kind o f ‘survival of the fittest’ feel to it on the good days. On holidays they do offer sale prices so it can get a little crazy.
How the bins work is a little strange as well. When clothes don’t sell at a main-line goodwill, or they are impacted with new inventory and need to make room, they send these items to the bins. They sell clothing or ‘soft goods’ as well as all other items known as ‘hard goods’. They rotate the bins and bring out new items almost hourly when they have enough in the back to make the rounds. Wh…