CBD OIL Got My Ebay Account Suspended LEGAL?

Don't Sell CBD On Ebay!

What is up resale sharks!? I made another mistake on ebay so that you can learn from me, and avoid making the same errors. When selling on ebay it is crucial to keep up with current trends and happenings in society. This stands for clothing trends but also any high demand product trends. A hot new item I keep hearing of people using is something called CBD oil. It gets a bad rap because it is a hemp product however the CBD oil itself only contains trace amounts of THC and are non-psychoactive. Food and beverage products are being infused with the oil and it is even being sold to anyone over the age of 21 in stores! People are finding the product to help with pain relief, using it as an anti-inflammatory as well as anti-anxiety.

Being that it is popular right now I looked on ebay to see if anyone was selling/ buying the product. There were recently sold items listed so I figured since I had this wholesale lot of miscellaneous CBD items, it could be worth a shot. I posted a few different products to see what was going to sell and what wouldn’t and the next day I received an alert from ebay stating that they took down 3-4 of my products due to them being ‘drug paraphernalia’ . In the product titles and descriptions you can’t use any language that suggests any kind of artificial high or altered state of being. I went through and changed all the language within these items to form a more scientific description and quickly had a sale. Right after the sale ebay notified me again that I was suspended for 3 days due to the sale of drug paraphernalia.

 An ebay suspension means no new listing for 3 whole days!  I use ebay to make a living so a suspension can really hurt if you aren’t prepared with a plan b which I have talked about in previous videos. You have to be ready with an action plan and know what your next couple moves could potentially be. I make these mistakes and create videos to help others grow and succeed in their own ebay businesses without having to learn from the same failures as I have.

Since the product is in high demand I thought I would take a swing at selling it on ebay. CBD is a fairly new thing and the treatment of medical issues with it is something that researchers are still in the process of learning about. The hemp market itself is still frowned upon by many and misunderstood by even more. I am not a lawyer or a scientist so I am not here to justify whether or not I should have listed this item. I saw a big trend and wanted to jump on while it was early however I was suspended so now we know that this is not a product to post on ebay! You don’t know what you don’t know and in this business especially you grow by trying new things.


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