How To List Item For eBay: Clothing Edition

How To List An Item On eBay

The best way to make money on ebay is by listing the items you have! There is a term in the resell world, ‘death piles’ which is a pile of clothing or items which are taking up space, waiting to be listed, waiting to make you money! We are going to talk about my process of listing items and like everything else, these techniques work for me however you should find your own groove and find out what works best for you.  I work simultaneously on the computer and my phone to post listings and make them active.
Some tools you may want handy when listing are a measuring tape, a white board, a sharpie, and poly mailers. As soon as I have a listing saved as a draft and ready for pictures, I package and seal it into a poly-mailer, I write the title or description of the item on the outside so once it is sold I am able to find it quickly, stick on a label and send it out. I started doing this to save some space in my inventory storage and to stay organized, before I had boxes of clothing stacked around and to find a specific item became chaos.

Prior to having a lap top, I was running a fulltime reselling business off of my phone. Today I use my phone and the computer in order to get this process done. Once I have pictured the items I take the pile and list one by one, I use the ‘sell similar’ option to save myself some time. When doing this you want to find the item that is most like the one that you have and edit the title, description, and details as much as possible. I take my measurements at my desk as I list and put them into the description as well. If your item has a flaw or blemish you will want to make sure you note it so the buyer has as much information as possible.

Once your item has all the required and extra detail fields filled in, you can proceed to the next step which is returns and shipping. If you are newer you will want to go over this carefully. I am constantly changing my business model to be better, sometimes I offer free shipping and sometimes I don’t. With ebays new seller update, you will want to accept returns, if you don’t you may lose your top rated seller status. Once this is complete I save the listing as a draft from my laptop, this gives me the chance to switch over to my phone, (which I use to take the photos), and upload the pictures of the item into my listing before publishing it live.

The listing process takes time, sometimes I only do a handful of items and other times I knock out full death piles. There is no right or wrong way here, the bottom line though is that the  more items you get listed the more selling potential you have to earn. Resellers do things many different ways so learn from all of us and create your own style!


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