Disneyland & California Adventure!! 3 Day Follow Along!!

Three days between Disneyland and California adventure can be extremely fun and also a little exhausting. One of the great things about the parks is that they allow you to bring in your own food and drinks, within the rules of course. While there are some great places to grab a bite to eat inside the parks as well as in downtown Disney, bringing a snack or small meal can help if you are doing Disney on a budget, as well as aid in any meltdowns you may experience while waiting in the ride queues. 

           Another thing we keep in mind when we plan our trips is the location of the hotel and the distance from the parks. There are several budget friendly hotels we have stayed at that are within walking distance. There is a quality inn nearby that was about a half mile away, they had continental breakfast, a pool and even a little playground which for a family visiting the park is a great resource to half-time for a mid day nap. There is a motel 6 a little further which also had a pool and a free shuttle that ran every 15 minutes to and from the park to save your feet a couple extra steps. Remember to bring a the best stroller you can if you have little ones. While in the park there are some classic foods we get every time like a churro and our favorite a turkey leg. If you’re nervous about waiting in lines and traveling with older children or a group a great option is to make use of the single rider lines which some of the attractions have, if you don’t mind splitting up from your group this can shave off hours of your potential queue wait times. A major thing that saves us every time we go is the strategy we use to get the most out of the use of our Max Passes, this is an additional pass you can add to your ticket for the day which allows you to get your fast pass for rides from the Disneyland app on your phone, they allow you to select a new one every 90 minutes so we set an alarm and make sure we are ready every time, this helps plan our day and we spend less time waiting in lines. Another great feature within the Disneyland app that we used this time around was the mobile ordering feature from the app. We were able to order food while waiting in a line and selecting our pickup time. Disneyland and California adventure are busy year round so all the little time saving tips add up over time. If you plan on wearing Disney swag during your visit there are some cool sites online that make custom shirts to make your group easy to spot, there is also a target about a mile from Disney that is full of cool Disney attire and souvenirs, any fellow Disney budgeters this is a great stop and the prices are not as steep as the prices within the park itself. For anyone going with young children excited to see their favorite princess or character the app has a list of times and locations so you can find your prince charming or Cinderella and make sure you get an autograph or photo to remember your special trip with. 


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